Types of Treatment

Individual:  One-on-one sessions form the basis for positive change in your life as you resolve personal problems and situations. The focus of sessions includes changing how your mind and body react to stressful situations by examining healthier ways of thinking, imagery exercises to promote emotional change, behavior mode awareness and change, EMDR techniques (see EMDR.com for more on this), and mindfulness practices to promote better body/mind awareness.  Length of treatment can be limited to a brief consultation, short-term intensive therapy, and longer-term ongoing counseling.

Couples Therapy:  In this form of therapy, careful consideration is given to the dynamic of how partners relate to each other and how they can improve this dynamic through greater understanding and validation of their partner’s experiences and emotions. Sessions are conducted with both partners and individually during the up-front assessment and when needed as the treatment progresses.

Each of the above treatment types involves using extensive up-front questionnaires to focus the therapy in the most efficient manner on changing patterns of behavior that lead to psychological distress.  Throughout the therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral/Schema Therapy, and Emotion-Focused (EFT) techniques are used to facilitate change.

My therapeutic focus is tailored to fit your needs and draws from a wide array of approaches and styles of engagement.

Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy in New York City for Individuals and Couples

Areas of Specialization

• Relationship issues
• Narcissism and Narcissistic Partners
• Anger
• Stress and Anxiety
• Depression
• Bereavement/Grieving
• Parenting
• Divorce and Custody
• Addictions
• Eating Disorders
• Young Men Transitioning into Adulthood
• Managing work/life balance
• Work-related stress.

Dr. John Gasiewski

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