Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy in New York City for Individuals and Couples

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Dr. John Gasiewski

"John is a sensitive, warm, bright and talented therapist with a keen capacity for helping clients make sense out of complex issues. He conceptualizes emotional challenges in accessible language, and designs treatment plans that offer collaboration, empathy, emotion-focused and cognitive-behavioral strategies for changing self-defeating life patterns; and measurable goals customized in accordance with the client’s needs. As a colleague and supervisee in schema therapy, John is a quick study, with immeasurable enthusiasm and a uniquely gifted ability to take this therapeutic approach and integrate it within the framework of his already seasoned skill set."

Wendy T. Behary, LCSW, Director, The Cognitive Therapy Center Of New Jersey and The NJ Institute For Schema Therapy; President, International Society for Schema Therapy; and internationally recognized author of Disarming the Narcissist: Surviving and Thriving with the Self-Absorbed

"I have found it a pleasure to work with John in supervision, which is a time when therapists present patients to each other and receive feedback on how best to treat them.  He exhibits a nuanced understanding of his patients and approaches their issues and lives with curiosity and empathy."

Dr. Judith Margolin, PhD, Author of Breaking the Silence:  Group Therapy for Childhood Sexual Abuse:  A Practitioner's Manual and Therapist in Private Practice

"As a colleague and valued contributor to my supervision group, John consistently impresses me with his sensitivity, and his commitment to understanding and helping his patients." 

Carolee Kallmann, LCSW, Therapist in Private Practice